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PDQ Displays

PDQ DISPLAYS is made of polypropylene (PP) corrugated plastic.It is a lightweight sheet product that's used to make indoor and outdoor promotion.Manufacturers typically offer a wide variety of colors and thicknesses (Quite commonly 4, 5 mm).PDQ DISPLAYS have good performance on bearing weight,long life time,water resistant.

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    PDQ Displays is made of polypropylene (PP) corrugated plastic.  

    PDQ Displays is a lightweight sheet product that's used to make indoor and outdoor promotion.This material is made up of twin polypropylene walls with thin polypropylene ribs running throughout.The ribs add rigidity along the length of the sheet,while leaving most of the sheet's volume hollow to reduce weight and save raw materials.It comes in special UV-resistant varieties that will last up to two years outdoors.Manufacturers typically offer a wide variety of colors and thicknesses (Quite commonly 4, 5 mm).

    Perfect materials for promotion and displays.

    Benefits of Corrugated plastic:

    After PP corrugated plastic has come into the stage of display stand industry,it has been accepted by many countries and industries.It has broken through many limits of traditional cardboard display stand and wooden display stand,and enjoys a lighter weight, longer lifetime,lower average cost,larger weight capacity,and more alternative colors to choose. What’s more,the corrugated plastic sheets is totally degradable and recyclable (actually its recycle and degradation process is much more easier than cardboard).  

    That's why more and more people are prefer to choose Corrugated plastic displays instead of cardboard displays! 

    Technical Details:

    Corrugated plastic displays are waterproof and good performance on bearing weight test

    Printing Method of PDQ Displays:

    1. Silk Screen Printing suitable for large quantity and simple image(4 colors),it is economic.Long life time and not easy scrape.


    2.UV Flat Printing suitable for complex design and it is printing on the sheet directly.Long lifetime and not easy scrape.


    3.Digital Printing suitable for complex design and small quantity.It is laminating on the corrugated plastic sheet.Also it looks high gloss.



    We prefer image files as either PDF or AI. If you are providing your own artwork, we accept PDF or AI files in CMYK colour mode with all text fonts converted to outlines.


    Why choose for PDQ Displays?

    Light weight

    Heavy Bearing Weight

    Water resistant

    Environmental friendly

    Strong and durable

    Long life time

    Optional for PDQ Displays

    Corona Treatment

    Indoor / Outdoor standard

    Printing Method

    Qty of tray

    Why choose us for PDQ Displays?

    1.We are PDQ Displays factory, 15 years of experience and leading market in the PDQ Displays area.

    2.We have 4 production lines and at least 10 tons capacity per one day

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    5.ISO9001 Approved Factory

    Contact us today to discuss your needs of PDQ Displays,please kindly provide us the following details

    1.Size of PDQ Displays (Length*Width*Depth)

    2.Bearing Weight per tray


    4.Purpose / Application

    5.Will be highly appreciated if you can enclose your sample pictures.