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    Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid

    Abstract: Zhisen Hardware & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd is one of the best China corrugated plastic box with lid manufacturers with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap corrugated plastic box with hinged lid from us.
    Detailed description

    Profile for Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid

    Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid is made of polypropylene (PP) corrugated plastic. 

    Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid is a brand name of corrugated plastic.Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid is extruded,twinwall,fluted polypropylene that can have a wide variety of additives to make it suitable for specific purposes, options include a flame retardant, UV resistant,and Anti-Static additives.As colour is added to the base polymer any variation of color can be produced.Fully recyclable,chemically inert with a neutral PH corrugated plastic sheet is resistant to most oils, solvents and water making it ideal for a wide range of uses. 

    Perfect Materials for Packing Industry 

    1. Agriculture Packaging 

    We manufacture a complete range of Fresh Produce Packaging for the use in the fruit and vegetable industry, ranging from light weight picking totes to one way shipping containers for table grapes, asparagus,broccoli, mushrooms or tropical stone fruits.These boxes are manufactured from food contact grade polypropylene corrugated sheets being water and chemical resistant. They are suitable for cooling and wash down systems and are recyclable. 

    2. Industrial Packaging: 

    Available Box Styles:

    RSC – Regular Slotted Container 

    HSC – Half Slotted Container 

    FOL – Full Overlap 

    RELF - Roll End Lock Front 

    DST – Design Style Tray 

    RET – Roll End Tray 

    RETT – Roll End Tuck Top 

    SB – Shelf Bin

    NT - Nestable Tote 


    3. Electronic Packaging: 

    ESD (electro static discharge) Corrugated Plastic Boxes is used in the packaging, storage and transportation of electronic components.

    Fabricated into custom designed containers with anti-static foams to ensure electronic items remain unharmed during transportation and storage. It is specifically designed for the packaging of electronic equipment, components, assemblies, and complex boards.

    Technical data of corrugated plastic sheet

    Why choose for Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid?

    Light weight

    Impact resistant

    Water resistant


    Strong and durable


    Cost effective

    Environmental friendly

    Long life time

    Optional for Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid

    Custom Size

    Custom Color



    Why choose us for Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid?

    1.We are Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid factory, 15 years of experience and leading market in the Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid area.

    2.We have 4 production lines and at least 10 tons capacity per one day

    3.Best Quality & Service with Competitive Price

    4.Our products are selling to all over the world

    5.ISO9001 Approved Factory

    Contact us today to discuss your needs of Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid,please kindly provide us the following details

    1.Size of Corrugated Plastic Box With Lid (Length*width*High*thickness)

    2.Density (GSM)/Bearing Weight


    4.Purpose / Application

    5.Will be highly appreciated if you can enclose your sample pictures.

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